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We monitor hundreds of projects, ranging from public works to affordable housing to help crack down on wage theft and ensure a dignified workplace with responsible contracting practices

Prevailing Wage / Infrastructure

The Southwest region expects to receive billions for bridge replacements, transit improvements, and road repairs all subject to Davis-Bacon requirements under the Infrastructure Investment and

Jobs Act

Enforcement / Wage Theft

Construction is a bifurcated industry, separated into two sectors with different working conditions: a high wage, often unionized nonresidential construction sector, and a low-wage, often exploitative residential construction sector. 

Affordable Housing

Many affordable housing projects rely on government funds, which triggers prevailing wage requirements. This policy has helped all contractors compete on a level playing field while supporting middle-class jobs to build strong communities and rewarding careers.


Advocacy Activities

The Quad C participates in a number of public forums to help advocate for the creation of quality development projects and good-paying jobs. ​


Policy Actions

​The Quad C has engaged in the following policy actions: 

Local Actions:

Los Angeles County:

  • LA City Contractor Pre-qualification Motion

    • Instructed EWDD, DCP, and the Bureau of Contract Administration to report best practices for designating a list of pre-qualified contractors and determining applicability and incentivizing participation.​

  • Hollywood Community Plan

    • Added language to the Community Plan update instructing the DCP to study/develop a pre-qualification process that evaluates contractors on their record and commitment to high road wage and benefit standards and local hire training.

  • DTLA 2040 Plan & LA Housing Element

    • Propose language to develop a pre-qualification process that evaluates contractors on safety records, participation in apprenticeship training, availability of employer-paid health insurance, pension benefits and record of compliance with labor laws.

Orange County: 

  • Irvine Contractor Disclosure Ordinance 

    • Propose amendments to strengthen the City's current contractor disclosure requirements by identifying contractors that have violated labor laws.

  • Santa Ana Contractor Disclosure Ordinance

    • Propose amendment enhanced the current contractor disclosure requirements of the City by introducing measures that identify contractors who have violated labor laws.

  • Santa Ana Housing Opportunity Ordinance

    • Propose language that would incentivize developers to use a percentage of skilled journeypersons or apprentices in their projects for a reduction in the City's in-lieu fees. 

San Diego County: 

  • County Subcontractor Transparency Ordinance

    • Propose language that would require contractors to disclose information for their subcontractors working on projects requiring County building permits.

  • City of San Diego Subcontractor Transparency Ordinance

    • Propose amendments to San Diego’s municipal code to require contractors applying for building permits to disclose several new pieces of information before work on a project can begin.

Tucson, Arizona: ​

  • Local Wage Theft Ordinance

    • Labor Standards Department would conduct investigations, audits, surveys and receive the complaints related to wage theft, when workers are denied pay that they’ve earned.​

State Actions: 

California State Agencies:

  • California Strategic Growth Council

    • Propose modifying the AHSC application and scoring system to promote a quality local workforce by granting points to developers obtaining an enforceable agreement to contract state-approved apprentices and committing to verifying that contractors have a clean labor record.   ​

California State Legislature: 

  • Assembly Bill 2011 

    • Bill will expand affordable housing opportunities in prime infill locations for low-income Californians, while boosting well-paid, middle-class construction jobs.

  • Senate Bill 727

    • Bill expands existing general contractor liability to include liquidated damages and penalties.

  • Assembly Bill 1701

    • Bill holds general contractors and subcontractors jointly liable for unpaid wages, including fringe benefits.

Colorado State Legislature:

  • Senate Bill 161

    • Bill updates and modifies laws pertaining to the payment of wages, employee misclassification, and workplace safety, and the enforcement procedures and remedies for violations of those laws.

  • House Bill 19-1267

    • Bill defines the failure to pay wages or paying less than the minimum wage as a felony when the theft is of an amount greater than $2,000.

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