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Without strategies for cleaning up the industry, cracking down on cheaters, and supporting honest contractors we will not be able to realistically address our affordable housing and infrastructure needs. 

Common Violations

Common Violations 

Piece-rate system that results in minimum wage, rest period, sick leave, overtime and other labor laws

Off-the-books cash pay, identity theft, kickbacks and other tax fraud schemes

Prevailing wage, apprenticeship and other violations on public works and affordable housing projects

Illegal labor brokers that exploit workers

Workers’ compensation fraud linked to not reporting accidents and providing false information to insurers

Enforcement Tools

District Attorney Workers 

Compensation Fraud Program

Grant funding from the Department of Insurance to District Attorneys to prosecute workers’ compensation premium fraud

AB 1701

(CA Labor Code 218.7)

Authorizes labor-management organizations to file direct legal actions against general contractors for subcontractor labor violations

Labor Commissioner -

Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE)

Strategic partnership to ensure compliance with labor laws on private construction projects

Labor Commissioner - 

Public Work Unit

Ensure compliance of prevailing wage and apprenticeship laws on public works projects

Enforcement Tools

Our Results

Our collaborative enforcement actions have resulted in:​

  • Tens of millions of dollars in wage restitution to thousands of workers and assessment of penalties and fines to cheating contractors.

  • Contractors debarred from working on public works projects.

  • Company owners and supervisors charged with workers’ compensation, payroll tax fraud or grand theft charges and spending time in prison.

  • Contractors modifying business practices to comply with the law and function as responsible businesses.

Our Results
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