Earlier this month, U.S. Custom & Border Protection arrested Alberto Mordoki and his wife Mirella Mordoki at the San Ysidro Port Entry. The couple had an arrest warrant placed by the Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) for criminal charges related to tax evasion and workers' compensation fraud. The OCDA investigative report revealed that Fullerton Pacific Interiors (FPI) underreported payroll in excess of $12 million within a four-year period. Additionally, their son and daughter have been charged with similar criminal charges. 

Zoom Out: This drywall company has worked with major general contractors on many hotel and housing projects throughout Southern California. Most prominently, R.D. Olson, which awarded FPI roughly $24 million in contracts within a four-year period, from 2013-2017, as per the OCDA investigative report. The C/CCC had warned R.D. Olson about serious concerns related to Fullerton Pacific's business practices, but R.D. Olson continued to work with this subcontractor. FPI has also worked frequently with Sinanian Development up to the present time. 

Bottom Line: This is the latest chapter in a history of the Mordoki's flaunting the law: 

  • In 2018, Fullerton Pacific Interiors was cited nearly $2 million for cheating 472 workers out of wages and rest periods by the California Labor Commissioner's Office.

  • Back in 2009, the Mordokis were debarred by the Labor Commissioner from working on public construction projects after failing to pay legal wages to workers and defrauding the state. Additionally, their contracting license was revoked.

  • In 2007, Alberto Mordoki was convicted of workers' compensation fraud and sentenced to two years in prison.

  • In 2005, Alberto and Mirella Mordoki both pled guilty to bank fraud for using phony identities to apply for loans that went into default.

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