Construction Industry

Civil & Criminal Violations

Unpaid wages for work performed or constant check bouncing

Unlawful reporting of workers and piece-rate practices

Workers' compensation fraudulent practices 

Illegal cash pay to avoid tax and payroll requirements

Unlawful use of labor brokers/

worker trafficking

No rest or meal breaks 

Prevailing wage and apprenticeship 

law violations

Unpaid overtime pay

Unlawful kickbacks to


Paid sick leave violations

Falsification and forgery

of documents

Grand theft, conspiracy and extortion

Unfair competition

Safety violations

Licensing violations

Enforcement Tools

District Attorney Workers 

Compensation Fraud Program

Grant funding from the Department of Insurance to District Attorneys to prosecute workers’ compensation premium fraud

AB 1701

(CA Labor Code 218.7)

Authorizes labor-management organizations to file direct legal actions against general contractors for subcontractor labor violations

Labor Commissioner -

Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE)

Strategic partnership to ensure compliance with labor laws on private construction projects

Labor Commissioner - 

Public Work Unit

Ensure compliance of prevailing wage and apprenticeship laws on public works projects

Enforcement Partners

Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee

For over 30 years we have promoted quality construction jobs in the Southwest through our vigorous labor compliance activities

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